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1、2023-2024学年江苏省苏州市七年级下英语期末复习押题预测试卷第一部分完形填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)Once upon a time, there was an old village. The people there didnt like to share.One evening, a 1 traveler went there. He stopped at a house and 2 at the door. After that, a woman opened the door. “I didnt have my breakfast and lunch today.

2、 Could you give me something to eat?” asked the traveler. But the woman said no to him.Then, he 3 a stone on the ground and came again. “Would you like to 4 my stone soup? Its delicious,” said the traveler. “Stone soup?” the woman asked. “Yes. Just 5 me some hot water and a kettle (水壶), ” the travel

3、er smiled. She gave him some water and a kettle 6 . He put some water and the stone in the kettle. “Its good,” he said. “The soup will become more 7 if I can put some salt into it!” The woman was not unhappy anymore and gave him salt.Many villagers knew what happened and started to stand around the

4、traveler. He said to those people, “I have a better 8 . It will be more than perfect with some 9 .” Suddenly, a villager shouted, “I have vegetables!” When the stone soup was 10 , the traveler gave a bowl of the stone soup to everyone. “Wonderful!” they cried with happiness .After that, they started

5、 to enjoy sharing with each other. 1ApoorBhappyCfriendlyDhungry2AarrivedBlookedCknockedDsmiled3Apaid forBpicked upCpointed atDput away4AmoveBtryCchooseDchange5AgiveBsellCteachDshow6AcertainlyBluckilyCunhappilyDheavily7AimportantBfamousCstrangeDdelicious8AideaBtripCdreamDanswer9AcakesBfruitCmeatDvege

6、tables10AhotBreadyCsweetDspecial第二部分阅读理解(共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。A11We cant see a _ on the map.AbankBschoolChospitalDlibrary12The _ is NOT on Bridge Street.AsupermarketBbankChospitalDpark13The hospital is _.Aacross from the supermarketBnext to the post of

7、ficeCbetween the bank and the post officeDbetween the bank and the supermarketBThe Talent Show (达人秀) in our school was coming near. Everybody wanted to show himself at the Talent Show. My classmate Becky could play the piano very well. Julie was good at singing English songs. Jeff could do Chinese k

8、ung fu. They were busy for the show after school. But I had nothing (没有事) to do. I was worried (担忧). What could I do?To my surprise (吃惊), my classmate, Laura, asked me to be an actor for a puppet show (木偶戏) at the opening ceremony (开幕式) with her! “Me? Can I?” “Yes!” she answered. When I was free, I

9、studied the play (剧本) carefully and practiced (练习) it really hard. I also learned from my classmates. I made some mistakes (犯错误), but the puppet show was a great success (成功). Everyone in my class gave me a big hand. I cried (哭) but felt happy.Two days later, I told an English story at the Talent Sh

10、ow. I never did that before. I worried about it first, but I looked for some useful ways online and asked my teachers for some help. On the big day, I could tell it really well.Now, I start to think what I can do for next years Talent Showto show myself again!14Julie could _ for the Talent Show acco

11、rding to Paragraph (段落) 1.Aplay the pianoBsing English songsCdo nothingDdo Chinese kung fu15The writer cried because _.ALaura asked him to sing in the showBhe made some mistakes in the showChe practiced the show really hardDthe puppet show was a great success16The underlined (划线) word “it” in Paragr

12、aph 3 refers (指代) to _.Aacting at the Talent ShowBtelling an English storyCasking the teachers for helpDlooking for some useful ways17The best title (题目) of the passage may be _.AIts Time to Show MyselfBThe Great English ShowCDont Worry about YourselfDThe Puppet Show Was a SuccessCIn a classroom of

13、the Kensington Wade Middle School in London, UK, you can see a map of China on the wall and some books in Chinese. Teachers in the school teach in Chinese and students ask questions (问题) in Chinese. They learn Chinese every day. _? I know this is the question in your head. Do they watch Chinese cart

14、oons (动画片)? Yes, they watch Chinese cartoons. What do they watch? Their favorites are Journey to the West.I love Journey to the West. I love Sun Wukong! My sister Kate watches it with me. From the cartoon, we learn how to speak Chinese and the culture (文化). “Shifu” is the first word we learn. Derick

15、, 14 years oldI like Xi Yangyang. Xi Yangyang, Mei Yangyang, Lan Yangyang. Fei Yangyang. . . I like the song and it helps me to learn Chinese. I love the cartoon. And these “Yang” are nice. I like them!Jane, 12 years oldBig Ear Tu Tu is fun for me! Tu Tu is like my friend. And he always asks questio

16、ns. Those questions are about the school and friends. They help me learn Chinese, too! His big ears are fun and Tu Tus Chinese is easy for me. John, 13 years old18Derick, Jane and John are _.Astudents in a school in LondonBteachers in a school in the UKCpeople in a Chinese cartoonDfriends in a Chine

17、se middle school19Which of the following is NOT these students favorite? AJourney to the West.BXi Yangyang.CBig Ear Tu Tu.DNe Zha.20Which of the following can be put in the _?AHow do they learn Chinese.BWhen do they learn Chinese.CHow often do they learn Chinese.DWhy do they learn Chinese.21Which of

18、 the following is true? AJohn likes the song in Xi Yangyang.B“Shifu” is the first word Jane learns.CKate watches Xi Yangyang with Derick.DTu Tus questions help John learn Chinese.DWhen the earth warms a little or a lot, people must make how they live and work different. For farmers, education (教育) c

19、an be really useful and helpful.In northern Kenya (肯尼亚), the weather was very hot. Mr. Lolok went to school when he was young. He now works as an accountants (会计)in the town. His elder brother Lokito never went to school. And he is a farmer all the time. Lolok sometimes helps Lokito keep cows.Lolok

20、knew about the bad weather. So he told Lokito to sell half of his cows. That way, Lokito could keep the other cows healthy with the little water he had. However, Lokito wanted to keep all the cows for another year with the next rain. Then he could sell all the cows to make much money. In the end, th

21、ere wasnt any rain for half a year and half of the cows died (死亡).In eastern Kenya, the weather was also hot. Isaiah and his son Philip both grew corn (玉米). Isaiahs corn was only 1 meter high but Philips was 2.5 meters high.Isaiah never went to school. “There is nothing we can do,” he says, “We just

22、 wish the God can give us a lucky rain.”Philip was a good student before. He bought new drought-resistant seeds (抗旱种子). He planted his seeds early before the first rain.Philip told his ways of farming to his father and the other villagers, but Isaiah and the others werent interested at all. Few of t

23、he villagers knew what was happening (发生).22This passage shows that education can help _ when the weather warms a lot.AfarmersBaccountantsCstudentsDworkers23In this passage, who got education in the past?ALolok and Lokito.BLolok and Philip.CLokito and Isaiah.DPhilip and Isaiah.24What can we infer (推

24、断) from the passage?ALokito kept all the cows and sold them to make much money.BThe weather was hot in northern Kenya and eastern Kenya.CFew of the villagers in Philips village got education before.DIsaiah wasnt interested in growing corn or the weather.25Whats the structure (结构) of this passage?ABC

25、D第三部分信息还原(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)What do you do in your free time? 26 Watch TV? For 15-year-old Duan Hongyan, her free time is never so relaxing! Duan has a special (特殊的) family. 27 and her father cant see. Duan has to take care of (照顾) her parents. From the age of six, Duan started to cook and wash clothe

26、s for the family. Now Duan is a student of Grade 9 in Jingbian No. 4 Middle School, Shaanxi. 28 so she has to live at school. At school she studies hard and every weekend she comes back home and helps her parents. 29 As the only laborer (劳力) in the family, she does a lot of farm workweeding (除草), wa

27、tering the field (地) and growing vegetables. She always has a busy weekend. Living a hard life, the little girl never feels down. As for future (未来), Duan hopes to go to college (大学) and then she can be a doctor. “ 30 ” she said. “And I want to be a doctor one day. Then I will help the disabled (残疾人

28、) like my parents.”AShe loves study.BPlay the computer games?CThe school is far from her home,DHer mother cant walk and has to stay in bed all day,EIf I can go to college, I will take my parents with me.Fthey dont want their only daughter to school far away.GShe cooks, washes clothes and gives her p

29、arents massages (按摩).第四部分词汇运用(共13小题;每小题1分,满分13分)第一节根据下列句子所给汉语注释或首字母,在答题卡标有题号的横线上,写出空缺处各单词的正确。每空限填一词。31Simon is a _ (服务员) in a restaurant. He is kind and helpful.32As you can see from the screen, the_ (宫殿) was built in the twelfth century.33Those who are good at learning will always pay_ (注意) to the

30、teachers in class.34Dont talk to_ (陌生人) when you are alone.35W_ an interesting job Buck has!36Thank you for i_ me to your school next week. Im sorry but I can not come.37Go a_the bridge and youll see the elephants.38Pandas (熊猫) are b_ and white.第二节选词填空阅读短文,选择适当的单词或短语填空,使短文意思完整。talksbecame famousLook

31、 atgo campingwas bornCan animals become online stars in one night? 39 the following animals. Some have funny faces. Some can do amazing things. Others travel around the world. And thanks to their owners, they all have many fans on the Internet. Lets find out who they are.Loki is a wolf dog. He likes

32、 to be in nature. So his owner Kelly Lund often takes him into the wild. The pair 40 and hiking around mountains and lakes. They also do sports like skiing and snowboarding. Lund has an Instagram page for Loki. And the dog has caught the hearts of about 976,000 fans. Darcy, the worlds cutest hedgeho

33、g, 41 in 2013. Her owner posts photos of her everyday life online. In those photos, Darcy poses in different places like shoes, plates, 42 with Father Christmas and naps in her owners hand. These won her about 360,000 fans online. Grumpy Cat became famous online in 2012. Thats because she has a funn

34、y, angry face. In fact, the cat 43 with an illness. So she always looks grumpy. But many people like her.第五部分短文填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)Alan is a cute boy. He often goes to a park with his dad in 44 (they) free time.There is a swimming pool in the park, and Alan often sees many 45 (child) there. They sw

35、im 46 (happy) in summer. He 47 (wish) that he can swim in a river or a lake someday. 48 he knows that he must learn how to swim in a pool first. 49 the morning of Sunday, while dad is still 50 (sleep), Alan wakes him up. Then the boy asks Dad 51 (take) him to the park.“Why do you want to go there? I

36、ts so hot today,” Dad asks.“I want to learn swimming,” says Alan, “And you can teach me there.”“Oh, Im sorry. But I cant swim,” Dad answers.“You cant swim? Jacks dad swims very 52 (good). Why cant you swim?” Alan feels quite surprised.“His dad likes eating fish, so he can swim 53 a fish,” Dad says.“

37、Oh, I see,” says Alan, “But you like eating chicken very much. Can you lay eggs (下蛋)?第六部分阅读表达(共3小题;54题2分,55题2分,56题3分,满分7分)Usually, people want to “look cool” in their photos. But how can you look cool? What do you think of being cool is? For many people, looking cool is to show theyre different from

38、 others. Is it true? Caleb Warren, a professor (教授) from America, says a lot of people do think so. So models (模特儿) dont usually smile (微笑) in shows. Some actors and singers also think that way. Singer Kanye West says he doesnt smile in photos because he thinks it helps him look cool.But a new study

39、 by Warren tells us something different. The study finds a nice smile will help you look cool in a photo. In the study, Warren uses some stars photos and ask people to look at them. There are two photos of each star-one smiling and the other not. Which one is better? He finds most people like the sm

40、iling ones more. The smile shows you are happy and it can make others feel happy too.So, can you learn something from Warrens study? Yes! You should smile if you want to look cool in your photos. Have a try, please!54Who is Caleb Warren? (不超过5个词)_55What does Warren ask people to do in his study? (不超

41、过10个词)_56What do we learn from Warrens study? (不超过15个词)_第七部分书面表达(共1题;满分25分)57假设你是李华,你远在英国的朋友Tony 给你发了一封邮件。请根据电子邮件内容回复。Dear Li Hua, How is it going with you these days? I want to know more about your life. When and how do you go to school? Do you join any clubs in your school? Do you have a good frie

42、nd in your school? What does he/she look like and why do you like him/her?This weekend I will go to the zoo with my classmates. I really love animals. What about you? What do you think of them? Please write to me. Yours, Tony要求:注意事项:1. 词数:90词左右(文章开头已给出,不计入总词数);2. 文中不能出现真实姓名、校名等信息;3. 文章必须包含所提供的主要信息,并

43、作适当发挥。Dear Tony, Thanks for your e-mail. _Yours, Li Hu参考答案1D 2C 3B 4B 5A 6C 7D 8A 9D 10B【导语】本文讲述一位饥饿的旅行者用自己的智慧,既让自己吃到东西也让村民学会分享的故事。1句意:一天晚上,一个饥饿的旅行者去了那里。poor可怜的;happy快乐的;friendly友好的;hungry饿的。根据下文“I didnt have my breakfast and lunch today. Could you give me something to eat? ” 我今天没有吃早饭和午饭,你能给我点吃的吗;可知此处指“饥饿的旅行者”。故选D。2句意:他在一所房子前停下来敲门。arrived 到达;looked看;knocked 敲;smiled 微笑。根据下文“a woman opened the door.” 一个女人打开了门;可知此处指“敲门”;knock at the door“敲门”。故选C。3句意:然后,他捡起地上的一块石头,又来了。paid for支付;picked up拿起;pointed at 指向;put awa


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