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1、2023-2024学年七年级英语下学期期末复习专题10 全册易错知识点100题1Its so hot. _ I swim in the river, mum?No, you _. Its dangerous. Look at the sign!ACould; couldntBShould; mustntCMust; needntDCould; cant2_ exciting football match!Yeah. _ cool the players are!AWhat an; WhatBHow; WhatCWhat an; HowDHow an; How3Sam, do the peopl

2、e in England celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival?No, they dont. Its _ festival, not _.Aours; theirBours; theirsCour; theirsDour; their4I hear that the phones with 5G will be much _ than the ones with 4G. Of course! Now the area with 5G in our country is _ in the world.Afast; largerBfast; largestCfast

3、er; the largerDfaster; the largest5What do the volunteers in Helping Hands Club do at weekends?They usually visit old people and help _ their houses.Alook upBpick upCwake upDclean up6Excuse me, where is Wuyue Shopping Mall?Walk straight _ Gulou Street, go _ a bridge, and youll find it on your right.

4、Aalong; throughBalong; acrossCpast; throughDpast; across7What happened to the building last night? There was a big fire, but the firemen _it_ quickly.Aput; outBput; onCput; upDput; down8Our school won the football match again! _ exciting news!AWhatBWhat anCHow anDHow9_ does your mother go to the cin

5、ema with you? Once a week. We both like watching films.AHow farBHow oftenCHow longDHow soon10Its _ to talk with food in your mouth while having dinner. Always be a gentleman, Kipper.AcarelessBpoliteCrudeDbrave11Our English teacher not only teaches _English but also a friend of_.Aour; usBour; oursCus

6、; usDus; ours12What _ bad weather! It is raining all day. Yes. I hear _ rain will last till the end of this month.Aa, theB/, theC/, /Da, /13 How time flies! It is ten years ago when we met last time. _, I still remember what you wore that day.AAs usualBAt that momentCBelieve it or notDFrom then on14

7、 Whats for dinner, mum? It _ so nice! Im cooking chicken soup. Supper will be ready in a minute.AsmellsBlooksCtastesDfeels15Our new classmate Simon is always _. He never gets angry.AbraveBcarefulChelpfulDgentle16The young man failed again, but he decided to _ his dream and move on.Ahurry upBput upCo

8、pen upDpick up17Alices mother found she often had some _ ideas and always lived in her own world.AstraightBsmallCstrangeDsweet18 Sandy looks worried these days. What happened to her? Well, everyone has those days when _ goes right.AeverythingBnothingCsomethingDanything19Man cant live without air.Tha

9、ts right. _ a child knows it.AEvenBOnlyCUsuallyDJust20Tom was very happy because the toy car moved again after he _ fixed it all the morning.AquicklyBsuddenlyCcarefullyDeasily21 Dont try to _ anything from me, Mike! Sorry, mum! Its for your birthday. And I just wanted to give you a big surprise.Ahit

10、BhideCholdDhunt22 Could I smoke here? Sorry, Im afraid you _. Its a no-smoking area.AcantBcanCneedntDneed23 _ is it from your home to the shopping mall? Only a quarter by bike.AHow oftenBHow longCHow farDHow much24“Everyone is different, _ being kind is cool,” said Peter, the Cat.AsoBbutCorDbecause2

11、5 _ exciting news! Chinese Team won the game at last! Amazing! You know, the Japanese team is also strong.AWhatBHowCWhat aDHow a26Look! The baby likes you.Well, sometimes a baby just needs a gentle _ and lots of smiles.AfightBtouchCskillDblanket27Follow the path _ the trees, and youll find a large o

12、pen area for camping.AbyBtowardsCacrossDthrough28The TV series A Lifelong Journey is popular. How do you find it? _.AI think soBReally wonderfulCThats all rightDBy reading the TV guides29 Look at the sign there! It _ “No fishing!” Sorry, I _ notice it.Asaid; dontBsaid; didntCsays; didntDsays; dont30

13、Mum, I want to go riding with my friends this weekend.No problem, but you cant go _ you finish all your homework.AbeforeBwhenCsinceDafter31Mr Wang, Im sorry I _ my report at home.Never mind. Dont forget to _ it to school tomorrow.Aforget; takeBforgot; bringCleft; takeDleft; bring32A panda keeper in

14、Nanjing tapped (轻拍)Nuannuan with a bamboo stick several times. As a result, the zoo asked him _.Ato stop to workBstop to workCto stop workingDstop working33Gui Haichao, a 36-year-old professor, is Chinas first scientist to land in space._ exciting news!AWhatBWhat anCHowDHow an34 Wow, our head teache

15、r is singing the song so beautifully. Yes, I never heard her _ like this before.AsingBsingingCto singDsang35Education tourism(研学旅行)is becoming more and more popular among young people.Thats true. But not _ likes this. Some young people like to travel with their family.AanybodyBeverybodyCsomebodyDnob

16、ody36My grandma likes to sleep with the window _ to keep the room quiet.Yes. If not, she will get angry.AopenBopenedCcloseDclosed37 _ does the little elephant weigh? At least five hundred kilos.AHow heavyBHow muchCHow manyDWhat38 Sir, could I feed the bears at Nantong Wild Forest Zoo? Sorry, I am af

17、raid you _.AcantBshouldntCneedntDcouldnt39The firemen _ the fire in a restaurant and saved seven people at last.Aput onBput outCput offDput up40Haohe River, a beautiful river, runs _ Nantong and there are many beautiful bridges _ the river.Aacross; throughBacross; overCthrough; overDthrough; through

18、41 Alice, your phone is ringing all the time. Oh, _ from my mother on the Wechat. She always talks with me in this way.AinformationBnewsCmessagesDnotices42Simon, we are planning _ one-day trip to Nantong. Do you want to join us?Of course. Climbing Wolf Hill is interesting. I want to go there _ secon

19、d time.Aa; theBan; theC/; theDa; a43The master wants to _.NoticeboardLast Sunday, my pet cat Mimi lost her way. She is three years old with long grey fur. She has white paws and the eyes are green.If you find her, please send an email to lovemimi.Thanks for your help.Atell others what her cat looks

20、likeBtell others she loves MimiCask others to send an email to herDask others to help find her cat44Could I smoke for a moment? _, sir. Look at the sign. It says “No smoking”.AIm afraid you cantBOf course you canCIm afraid you couldntDOf course you could45The reply we look forward to _ the other day

21、.AcomesBcameCcomeDis coming46Which “by” in the following sentences has the same meaning as the one in the sentence “Alice saw a white rabbit in a coat passing by.”?ABy this time next week well be in Beijing.BShe learnt to speak English by herself.CThey live in a house by the river.DHe walked by me w

22、ithout speaking.47How _ you look! What happened? I passed the exam through hard work.AbeautifulBcomfortableCexcitedDfriendly48The film is very interesting, but I dont think it can be _ cup of tea.AanybodysBeverybodysCnobodysDsomebodys49When you _ at the square, you can see all the people hurrying li

23、ke ants.Alook afterBlook upClook downDlook out50Tom fell off the bike yesterday, and his knees went _ his jeans.AoverBacrossCaboveDthrough51Do you have anything else to say? I told you everything. I have nothing to _.AhideBholdChitDhunt52Gui Haichao, a member of Shenzhou XVI team, will collect _ on

24、the space station.AmessagesBfactsCinformationDnews53_ sheep! Who raises them on the farm?My grandfather does.AWhat lovelyBHow lovelyCWhat a lovelyDHow a lovely54Shall we go to see the film Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile this weekend? It came out in April, 2023.Sorry, I _ it with my brother the other day.Awat

25、chBam watchingCwatchedDwill watch55Shirley, think twice before you make the decision. _ else can do it for you.ASomebodyBAnybodyCEverybodyDNobody56Will the famous designer come to the fashion show next Monday?Im not sure. She _ not come.AmustBmayCcanDshould57Our science teacher often tells us its ve

26、ry _ to leave much personal information on the Internet.AhelpfulBexcitingCdangerousDcareless58Would you like to try Zibo barbecue(烧烤) in _ restaurant?Yes. _ local food becomes so popular that people all over China travel there to taste it.Aa; AnBan; TheCa; TheDthe; A59Dont throw rubbish everywhere,

27、please. We should build a clean city together._.ACome onBYou are jokingCGood ideaDSorry, I wont60Mum, how can I protect my new computer?Lets put a cloth _ the computer.AaboveBoverCacrossDbelow61_ amazing the dance show Thousands of Miles of Mountains and Rivers只此青绿is!Thats true. It is popular around

28、 the whole country.AWhatBWhat anCHowDWhat a62Doing volunteer work makes me _. It teaches me how to help others and be a responsible (有责任心的) person.Agrow upBget upCdress upDput up63How time flies! This term is coming to _ end. Where will you go for the summer holiday?My family will go to Yunnan on _

29、holiday.Aa;/Ban;/Cthe;theDan;the64_! One of the smallest streets in the world is only 49cm wide. Really? How amazing! How do people go through it?ASounds greatBLook outCBelieve it or notDCome on65Andy, what are your neighbours like? _.AThey are from different citiesBTheyd like to work togetherCThey

30、are kind and helpfulDThey like singing and dancing66Excuse me, which is the way to the Peoples Park? Please go _ the bridge. Then walk _ the bank. Youll see it on your right.Aacross; throughBabove; throughCabove; pastDacross; past67After walking for three hours on a hot summer afternoon, we need _ t

31、o drink right now.Asomething hotBhot somethingCsomething coldDcold something68Could you go to the bookshop with me? I want to buy a book called “Alice in Wonderland”. Sorry, I _. My mother told me to go home right after school.AcouldntBcantCmustntDneednt69Mary, a girl is waiting for you at the gate

32、of our neighbourhood. Oh, thats Lily. We _ the history museum together soon.Aare goingBvisitCshall visitDwent70Which of the following “ed” has a different sound from the others?AstoppedBlistenedCcarriedDlived71Would you please _ your phone number, Mr. White? I missed it just now. No problem. Its 198

33、64423102.ArecommendBrepeatCrememberDreply72Did you watch the film “Born to Fly” (长空之王)? Yes, I felt so proud (骄傲的) of our country after I watched it. _ excellent film!AWhat anBWhatCHow anDHow73My parents and I are going to have a trip to Nanjing tomorrow._.ABe carefulBSorry to hear thatCCongratulati

34、onsDHave fun74Is there _ to drink?Yes. What about some hot milk tea?Asomething coldBhot somethingCanything hotDcold anything75It took about 2 hours for these firemen to _ the fire in the building last night.Aput downBput awayCput outDput on76When you go on a trip, you should take a map with you, or

35、youll _.Alost your wayBgot lostClose your wayDgetting lost77May I smoke here?Sorry, Im afraid you _.AcanBcouldCmay notDcant78When _ he _ to New York? Yesterday.Adoes, getBdid, getChas, gotDhad, got79I didnt see you in the classroom. Where _ you?I _ to the toilet, Mr. Zhang.Aare;goBwas;am goingCwere;

36、wentDare;went80Water is very important _ no living things can live without it.AbecauseBorCsoDif81A:Is this novel _ book?B:No, its Helens. I left _ at home.Ayour, mineByours, mineCyour, itsDyou, mine82Dont read _ the sun, Millie! Its bad for your eyes. OK, I wont do it any more.AunderBbelowCintoDin83

37、Jacks grandfather lives _ in that big house but he never feels _.Aalone;aloneBlonely;lonelyCalone;lonelyDlonely;alone84The man often plays _ piano all day long. But he should do more exercise like playing _ volleyball.Aa; theBthe; theC/; theDthe; /85Do you know _ this book belongs to?Let me see. Oh,

38、 its hers.AwhoseBwhosCwhichDwho86How great and wonderful the music sounds !It _ Beethovens.AsoundsBis soundingCsounds likeDseems87Guess what? I met Peter on the bus just now.Really? I _ he was on holiday in Yunnan.AthinkBwill thinkCthoughtDam thinking88I searched everywhere for my English book and i

39、t was under my nose _.Aall the timeBall the sameCat that timeDat the same time89Its _ to go to the railway station by bus.Dont worry, Mum. I will take a taxi.Aenough lateBtoo lateCenough earlyDtoo early90Dont _ the cost, I will treat you. That is really nice of you.Adream aboutBhear aboutClearn abou

40、tDworry about91Excuse me. _?Well, its a little far. Youd better take the bus.AHow can I get to the cinemaBWhich bus should I takeCWhen will the new film be onDWhat film do you like92Its already 7 p.m. Why are you so late today? Sorry, but I worked _ 6 p.m. and the traffic was busy.AafterBfromCatDtil

41、l93Sorry, I didnt hear you clearly. Would you please _ the number?Sure. Its 13813838138.ArememberBrepeatCreportDrepair94The Earth is _ only home to everyone. Lets try to make it _ green world to live in.Aa; anBan; theCthe; aDthe; the95Parents today meet new problems like the use of mobile phones whe

42、n they _ their kids.AfeedBnoticeCfollowDraise96On the way back home from the party, Helen _ found she lost her ring.AsuddenlyBquicklyCbadlyDfaithfully97I really like our new classmate Neil. He is always _.I agree. He never gets angry easily.AbraveBcarefulCgentleDhelpful98Why are you in such a hurry?John is wai


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