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1、2023-2024学年七年级英语下学期期末复习专题06 完形填空John, Rich, and I loved living on the farm in New Jersey. Its a wonderful place to run, play and 1 from each other. Dad grew so many vegetables that Mom only needed to buy milk and some meat. But then the 2 thing happened.Dad became ill and could 3 farm the land (土地)

2、any more. Mom didnt know what to do, so she decided to rent (出租) some land to another local farmer. Mom used the 4 from the land rent to buy us food and clothes.After several months, Dad died (死), but we still 5 to keep everything going well. Our uncle from a nearby town came and 6 us plant the vege

3、tables. He sold (卖) the vegetables for us to get more money.The small town of Oak Hill was looking for a place to build a community 7 . They asked Mom if she was ready to sell the land to them. Mom told us that she was going to sell the land to the town. We didnt get a lot of money. Anyway, we moved

4、 near our uncle into a (n) 8 house that Mom could buy.Two months later, the town of Oak Hill told Mom that they were going to name the park after our dad. What an honor (荣耀)! We now go to the park and see Dads 9 each time we enter the gate of the park. The park has a baseball field, a pool and a nat

5、ure trail (观景小径). What a wonderful park, but the 10 part is that we get to visit Dad every time we go there!1AlearnBhearChideDsee2AsadBhappyCamazingDstrange3AalwaysBoftenCsometimesDnever4AfunBmoneyCfruitDvegetables5AhatedBtriedChurriedDstopped6AsawBmadeChelpedDnoticed7AparkBschoolCcinemaDsupermarket

6、8AbigBcleanCsmallDexpensive9AdesignBwheatCworkDname10AbetterBbestCmoreDmostIt was a hot, sunny day. KJ wanted to go to the store to get ice cream. He was too 11 to go by himself. Mommy was sleeping. His big sister Kadija said she would 12 him there. She was in the first grade, a year older than he w

7、as. She was 13 she knew the way. The two kids walked out of the front door.“Hold my hand,” Kadija said. So, KJ held her hand. He felt safer that way. They walked 14 Mrs. Glovers place. She lived across the street. Her clothes were hanging on the clothesline. Mrs. Glover was out in front. She waved (

8、挥手). The kids 15 walking. Soon they came to the 16 . Kadija told KJ, “We turn here. This is the way to school.” KJ agreed. They kept walking. “Now we turn again, ”Kadija said. “We have to stay away from Leons dog.” KJ did not see or 17 the dog. But he agreed anyway. The kids turned another corner. S

9、oon, Kadija stopped. She looked 18 . After a minute, she said,“I think we are lost.” KJ started to cry. But they both saw 19 red moving between the buildings. It was Mrs. Glovers dress! It was flapping (摆动) in the wind. “We just went around the 20 !” Kadija said. “I know how to get home. Lets go bac

10、k. Next time, we will wait for a grown-up.” They went back home. Mrs. Glover was standing at her window. This time, the kids stopped and waved.11AbigBfatCyoungDsick12AbringBtakeCcarryDdrive13AsureBafraidChappyDnice14AfromBtoCacrossDpast15AstoppedBkeptCbeganDpractised16AendBroadCcornerDside17AhearBno

11、ticeCsoundDlisten18AforBoutCupDaround19AeverythingBanythingCsomethingDnothing20AwindowBneighborhoodCschoolDstoreBoys and girls, are you interested in wearing Hanfu? Han Fu is the traditional clothing of the Han ethnic group (汉族). Now wearing hanfu is becoming 21 among young Chinese. It seems that th

12、ere is a hanfu 22 in almost every major(主要的) university and city. Most club members wear the clothing during holidays. Or they wear hanfu when they want to 23 beautiful photos. But some of them love it so much that they wear it almost every day.24 , there is a special day to celebrate this kind of t

13、raditional clothing. Its 25 China Huafu Day. It is on the third day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar (阴历). Young Chinese usually celebrate it in the same month. In 2023, it 26 on April 22. The day celebrates the traditional clothing of all ethnic groups in China. Among them, hanfu ha

14、s the 27 fans.“China is becoming a leading power (主导力量) in the world. Chinese people feel more confident (自信的) 28 their traditional culture,” Chen Chuyu, leader of a hanfu club in Beijing, told Peoples Daily Online. “Wearing traditional clothing might be an interesting way of 29 such feelings.” Some

15、 young people even bring hanfu culture to other 30 like the USA, France, Canada and so on. Do you have the same idea? It will help the whole world know about China better.21AexpensiveBfriendlyCpopularDbeautiful22AclubBcampCshopDoffice23AraiseBshareCtakeDpaint24AAs usualBIn factCBy the wayDIn the end

16、25AusedBneededClistenedDcalled26AputBkeptCgotDfell27AbestBmostCfewestDcleverest28AaboutBwithCbelowDfrom29AprotectingBshowingCdesigningDremembering30AareasBcitiesCstreetsDcountriesMy good friend Sandy was so worried about her cat. She asked for my help. Her cat was ill, but it 31 serious enough to ta

17、ke it to the vet(兽医). I said to her, “You must do something.”“But theres 32 I can do,” Sandy said.“ 33 the vet and talk to him,” I said.“That doesnt make sense(有意义) 34 the vet wont know anything from what I tell him. He may ask me 35 my cat to see him, and I know its not that serious,” she said.“Yes

18、, I understand,” I said. “But you need to do that for 36 , not for the cat. By not doing anything you are worrying yourself. ”“Okay,” she said. “I see 37 you mean.”When Sandy called, the vet 38 found the problem. He told her to bring the cat in. And if he was right about the cat, he 39 treat it righ

19、t away.If you worry about anything, you should act(行动)on it, not just think about it. You can make the actions very small and easy, as long as you take one. Even small actions will send away your 40 . When theres action, theres no fear(恐惧).31AisntBdoesntCwasntDdidnt32AanythingBnothingCsomethingDever

20、ything33ACallBCallsCCalledDCalling34AifBbecauseCwhenDafter35AtakesBtakingCtookDto take36AmeByouCmineDyours37AwhatBwhyChowDwho38AcarefulBquickCcarefullyDquickly39AmayBmustCcouldDhad to40AworryBproblemCworriesDproblemsDuring the Warring States Period(战国时期), there was a man called Yue Yangzi in State Y

21、ue. Once he left his home to 41 some learned persons to get more knowledge (知识).A year later, he came back home 42 . “Why have you returned?” asked his wife in surprise. “You 43 spent one year studying with those learned persons.” “I come back just because I miss you very much.”Without saying 44 , h

22、is wife took a pair of scissors (剪刀) and went to the loom (织布机) at which she had worked. Pointing at the half done brocade(锦缎), she said, “This brocade is made of the finest silk. I 45 it one strand(缕) after another. Now if I cut (剪) it, all my work will be wasted. Its the same with your 46 . You ca

23、n get knowledge only 47 working hard. Now, if you 48 halfway, isnt it the same as cutting the brocade on the loom?”Yue Yangzi was moved by his wifes 49 . He again left home to visit those learned persons. Some 50 later he became very knowledgeable.No matter what you do, you should never do by halfwa

24、y. Stick to it and youll succeed.41AenjoyBinviteCvisitDpay42AquicklyBfinallyCsadlyDsuddenly43AonlyBreallyCmaybeDeven44AnothingBeverythingCsomethingDanything45AmadeBmovedCboughtDchanged46AbooksBstudiesCtripsDwishes47AonBinCbyDwith48AagreeBstopCrepeatDcomplain49AproblemsBjobsCwordsDabilities50AyearsBd

25、aysCmonthsDweeksAs a country with a history of more than 5, 000 years, China is the home of tea. Last summer, I took a trip to Huangshan Mountain in Anhui, China with my parents. I never 51 the Chinese tea culture there.On a sunny afternoon, we arrived at the foot of the mountain, tired but 52 . Aft

26、er a short rest, the guide (导游) took us to a big farm where we 53 tea processing (加工). We were told that Shen Nong found out 54 as a drink in ancient times. In the evening, we paid a visit to a tea house, We watched a tea art show and 55 the local green tea. We saw a young lady in a traditional Chin

27、ese dress who 56 us how a cup of tea is made with tea sets. We really enjoyed it and relaxed ourselves 57 we were listening to pieces of traditional folk music. There is no doubt that the Chinese 58 the ones who best understand the nature of tea.Time went so fast there. 59 , I learned a lot about te

28、a culture. Through this journey, I have developed (发展) a 60 understanding (理解) of the country, I am looking forward to the next trip to China.51ArememberedBforgotCfollowedDnoticed52AsurprisedBweakCunhappyDexcited53Athought aboutBlearned aboutClooked upDput up54AcoffeeBjuiceCteaDplant55AsoldBenjoyedC

29、carriedDtook56AfoundBaskedCshowedDmade57AbecauseBifCtillDwhen58AisBwasCareDwere59ALuckilyBBravelyCPoorlyDBadly60AlittleBbetterCquickDspecial先通读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后在每小题所给的四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。John, Rich, and I loved living on the farm in New Jersey. It was really 61 . We could run on the fields

30、 freely and hide from each other. Dad grew so many vegetables that Mom only had to buy milk and some meat. But then the 62 thing happened.Dad became ill and could 63 farm the land (土地). So Mom rent (出租) some land to another local farmer. Mom used the money from the land rent to 64 for our food and c

31、lothes.Dad died (死), but we still 65 to keep everything going well. Our uncle from a nearby town came and helped us plant the vegetables. He sold (卖) the 66 for us to get more money. We went on like this for weeks. But it became too much for us. The small town of Oak Hill was looking for a place to

32、put a community 67 . Mom told us that she was going to sell the land to the town. We moved near our uncle into a(n) 68 house that Mom was able to buy.Two months later, the town of Oak Hill told Mom they were going to name the park after our dad. What an honor (荣耀)! We now go to the park and see Dads

33、 69 each time we enter the gate. The park has a baseball field, a pool and a nature trail (观景小径). What a wonderful park! But the best part is we can 70 Dad every time we go there!61AnewBbrokenClargeDdirty62AsadBhappyCamazingDstrange63AalwaysBoftenCsometimesDnever64AwaitBlookCpayDwork65AhatedBtriedCh

34、urriedDstopped66AfarmBmeatClandDvegetables67AparkBschoolCcinemaDsupermarket68AquietBcleanCsmallDmodern69AdesignBwheatCworkDname70AcallBvisitChelpDsaveTweet was a quiet little bird. All day long, he sat alone in his tree. He 71 sang. He just watched the world around him. Tweet watched frogs and 72 sw

35、imming in the pool. He watched rabbits and mice playing in the woods. Day after day, he sat in the same tree and watched the same things.One day, there was something 73 . The baby birds opened their eyes to see. It happened right in Tweets tree. Four little mouths were open wide. They were 74 . Twee

36、t watched Mother Bird fly away to find food for them.One of the babies kept trying to find its mother. It moved away from the other birds. Tweet got worried 75 the baby was getting to the edge (边缘) of the nest (鸟巢).All at once, the baby bird 76 ! Tweet flew as fast as he could to save the baby bird.

37、 77 it landed on Tweets soft back. Tweet flew up and put the little bird into its nest.Just then, Mother Bird came back with some tasty bugs (虫子) for the little birds. She thanked Tweet for 78 her baby. To pay back his 79 , she gave him the biggest bug. Tweet smiled and stood up tall.After that, Twe

38、et always sat 80 the nest. When Mother Bird left to find food, Tweet was no more quiet! His pretty song filled the forest. It let Mother Bird know that her babies were safe in their nest!Everyone in the world can do something for others and make life more beautiful.71AneverBoftenCusuallyDalways72Aca


40、。When Surrell saw the smoke from his neighbours home, he went to take a look and heard “My girl, Tiara is in the room!” One of the women cried. 81 this, Surrell ran inside.The moment he entered the burning house, the heavy 82 made it difficult to breathe (呼吸). It was 83 for Surrell, who is 64 years

41、old. After a few 84 , he ran back outside to catch his breath. “Where is Tiara?” he asked. “The second floor,” her mum shouted back.He went in for a 85 time. It was dark inside. Luckily, he got to the second floor as quickly as he could. He breathed heavily. Then he heard a weak and low sound, but h

42、e 86 see. Surrell fell to his knees on the hot floor. He crawled (爬行) toward the sound, feeling around for any sign of Tiara.Several minutes later, he touched 87 in the end. A shoe, then an ankle (脚踝). He pulled Tiara toward him. She didnt breathe. He fought through the smoke, holding Tiara. The nex

43、t thing he knew, he was at the front door, then outside.When Tiara opened her 88 , Surrell hugged (抱紧) her and said, “Uncles got you.” Soon after, he fainted (晕倒).Surrell 89 up in the hospital days later. When talking about the 90 , he said, “I didnt have time to think about it. The girl needed my h

44、elp.”81ASayingBHearingCFeelingDSmelling82AsmokeBairCfireDwall83AbrightBdarkCsafeDdangerous84AminutesBhoursCdaysDweeks85AfirstBsecondCthirdDfourth86AmustntBshouldntCneedntDcouldnt87AnothingBeverythingCsomethingDanything88AeyesBearsCmouthDnose89AlookedBstoodCwokeDclimbed90AhouseBfireCsmokeDfloorOnce there was a kind of animal called Lucky. Luckys came from beautiful flowers and could bring luck to people, 91 many people tried to make friends with L


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