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Test for Unit 10(时间120 分钟,满分120 分)题号 总分得分听力部分(25 分)听力部分25 分.听句子,选择与其意思相符的图片。5 分 1. 2. 3. 4. 5..听句子,选择最佳答语。5 分 6.A.Its old. BThe toy bear. C Im tired. 7.A.Good idea. BBecause theyre old.CIm too tall to wear them. 8.A.Youre so lucky. BYoure poor. CThanks so much. 9.A.Once a month. B Im so busy. CFor ten years. 10.A.No,its old. BYes,its new. CIts new..听长对话,选择正确答案。5 分听第一段对话,回答第 1112 小题。 11.What was wrong with KettyAShe had a cold. BShe had a headache. CShe had a toothache. 12.Where does Tom work nowAIn a hospital. BIn a supermarket. CNot mentioned.听第二段对话,回答第 1315 小题。 13.Why is Lisa unhappyAShe fells lonely.BShe doesnt do well in her schoolwork.CHer classmates dont talk with her. 14.How long has Lisa been in the new schoolAFor 3 months. BFor 2 months. CFor 5 months. 15.What does the boy ask Lisa to doATo talk with people. B To start a club.CTo study hard..听短文,选择正确答案。10 分 16.Whats on the speakers bagAA superman. BA monkey. CA flower. 17.When did the speaker start primary schoolAIn 2006. BIn 2007. CIn 2008. 18.Who gave the speaker the pencilboxAHer mother. BHer aunt. CHer teacher. 19.What is the book aboutAA famous person. BA romantic story.CAn interesting story. 20.How did the speaker get the bookAIt was a birthday present to her.BHer teacher gave it to her as a prize.CShe borrowed it from her friend.笔试部分95 分.单项选择。15 分 21.Tom is ________ honest boy.You can believe what he said.Aa Ban Cthe D/ 22.My son likes wearing that Tshirt ,because its very ________ and comfortable.Asmart Boutgoing Csoft Dugly 23.Our teacher Ms.Yang is so friendly to us that we all ________ her as our elder sister.Aregard Bowned Cleft Dcollected 24.I have to ________ my room.It is really in a mess.Alook after Btake inCclear out Dwalk into 25.His grade in the exam puts him ________ the top 10 students in his class.Abetween BoverCabove Damong 26.________ the timetable,the train for London leaves at seven oclock in the evening.AThanks to BAs forCThanks for DAccording to 27.I will meet Jane at the station,Please ________what time she will arrive.Acount BchooseCcheck Dcatch 28.Its quite a ________ that you cant go to the great concert.Aworry Billness Csurprise Dshame 29.Do you know Wang Qin wellSure.We ________ friends since ten years ago.Abecame Bhave becomeCwere Dhave been 30.How long have they worked in the zoo________.AIn five years BFor five yearsCSince five years DFive years ago 31.Where is your uncleHe ________ to South Africa on business.He has ________ there twice.Ahas been;gone Bwill go;beenCwent ;gone Dhas gone;been 32.________,volunteering is both a chance to help others and a good way to develop ourselves.ATo my surprise BTo be honestCIn order to DBe similar to 33.Have you decided to move to Beijing________,but I have a plan for it.AEver since BLater on CNot yet DFrom now on 34.I love the countryside ,________ in spring.Aespecially Bhardly Cinstead Dheavily 35.Ill go on a visit to Disneyland.________AThank you. BNever mind.CHave a good trip DThats OK..完形填空。15 分My mother told me we would have a yard sale this weekend.Yesterday I__36__ lots of old things from my bedroom.I had to __37__ five things I no longer use.At first,I was quite __38__.Because I found __39__ toys that I dont play anymore but still want to keep.I __40__ the toy car since my sixth birthday,and I played with it almost every day __41__ I was ten.I didnt want to lose my toy bear,__42__.It was one of my favorite toys.It came from my grandmother.I have had it __43__ five years.I wanted to keep them __44__ they brought back many sweet memories.“Maybe some kids need the toys more than you.They dont fit you anymore.But they can bring __45__ to the kids, ” my mother said.In the end, I gave away the toys to kids in need happily. 36.A.found out Bchecked out Cworked out Dcleaned out 37.A.buy Bsell Cthrow Dtake 38.A.sad Bhappy Cnervous Dbored 39.A.much Ba little Ca bit of Dmany 40.A.own Bowned Chave owned Dwas owning 41.A.until Bafter Cas soon as Dunless 42.A.too Beither Calso Dneither 43.A.since Bat Cfor Don 44.A.so Band C but Dbecause 45.A.time Billness Cjoy Dsadness.阅读理解。20 分AWang Xiaojun is 12 years old.He lives in the countryside in Hubei Province省Today is his birthday.His parents prepare a nice dinner for him,but the boy says, “I wont have dinner,because after the dinner,today is over and my parents are leaving for Shenzhen tomorrow.I dont want to let them go.”Its the first time for Wang Xiaojun to spend his birthday with his parents in recent three years.In the past three years,his parents have stayed in Shenzhen and worked hard to make money.They havent seen their son for three years.Tomorrow they have to leave for Shenzhen.Wang is not the only stayathome child留守儿童 In the countryside of China,there are over 20 million children staying at home without their parents.Stayat home children face a lot of problems.Many of them stay with their grandparents.They get less care from their parents.They often feel lonely.Some of them dont study well because their parents cant help them with their study.The Chinese government now cares about stayathome children very much and is trying to solve解决 the problems.根据短文内容,判断正T误F 。 46.Its Wang Xiaojuns first birthday. 47.Wang Xiaojun wont have the birthday dinner because he is not hungry at all. 48.There are many stayathome children in the countryside of China. 49.Some stayathome children often feel lonely and they cant get much care from their parents. 50.The Chinese government is doing something to solve the problems of the stayathome children.BAs a volunteer teacher,I travelled a long way to a small village school in Longzhou,Guangxi.On my way there,I thought about the village,the school,and the children there.However,my __heart__sank when I arrived there.It was out of what I had expected预料It didnt look like a school at allThe school had only three rooms,one was for Grades 1,2 and 3,one was for Grades 4,5 and 6,and the third one was for me.The children welcomed me warmly热情地 on my first day.They asked me a lot of questions,and I told them stories about myself and my life in Shanghai.The next day,I gave them a test to find out their level水平To my surprise,though the test was very easy,over half of the students failed,yet they all wanted to learn new things.I knew they needed me.I was busy preparing lessons and reading test papers every night.I enjoyed teaching these lovely and hardworking children,and I could see that they were making progress with my help.I have also learned a lot from them.I understand their lives better,and we are now good friends.I have worked in Longzhou for a year now.Im very happy and the experience has been very useful to me.I love the small village and the children.In fact,I would like to go on working here. 51.The writer is a volunteer teacher who comes from ________.AGuangxi BXiamen CShanghai DShanxi 52.The writer found there were only ________ rooms in that school.Atwo Bthree Csix Dfive 53.In the passage,the underlined words“my heart sank” means that the writer ________.Afelt upset Bwas happy Cgot angry Dfelt satisfied 54.The writer found the students level was ________ she expected after the first test.Ajust as Bhigher than Clower than Dbetter than 55.Which of the following is NOT TRUEABoth the volunteer teacher and the students are working so hard.BThe volunteer teacher doesnt like to work there any longer.CThe students became better and better with the help of the volunteer teacher.DThere are three rooms in the school of Longzhou..情景交际。10 分根据对话内容,从方框中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,其中有两项多余。AHello,TomBHi,Mike__56__ Where have you beenAIve been to the countryside.B__57__AFor a week.BFor whatAFor the “handin hand” activity.We gave some money and school things to the children there to help them go to school.B__58__ What else did you doAWe lived together with the children in their homes and made friends with them.BGreat__59__AThough they live a hard life,they study very hard.By the way,__60__BWe just had our midterm exams in our school,and I have passed it.ACongratulationsBThank you.AWhat do you think of their life and studyBwhats going on in your schoolCI havent seen you for a long time.DHow long have you been thereEGood jobFHave you ever been there beforeGOnly a few weeks.56________ 57.________ 58.________ 59.________ 60.________.词语运用。10 分A根据句意及首字母提示填写单词。61Too much s________ food is bad for your teeth.62The old things that my grandfather made in the room bring me many m________ of him.63The teacher will c________ our homework tomorrow.64We r________ him as our brother.65Bob is the oldest a________ the four boys.B用 since 或 for 填空。66Tony has owned the toy bear ________ a long while.67Sally has been working in the factory ________ six years ago.68They have been writing to each other ________ many years.69The old lady has been living in the village ________ she was born.70My brother has been studying at this school ________ 2012..根据短文内容及首字母提示填空。10 分My hometown is a beautiful village.Great changes have t__71__ place here in the past ten years.Ten years ago,it was a p__72__ village.There was only one mountain path to go there.O__73__ one or two families had bikes or radios.People l__74__ in low strawthatched cottages破草房Now my hometown has taken on a n__75__ look.We have built a new highway公路 Every family can w__76__ TV at home,and some have had cars.All the villagers村民 are l__77__ in new houses,some even in large buildings.Every family has s__78__ some money.Thanks to幸亏,由于 the governments effort,now children can r__79__ a good education.We are living a h__80__ life now.71________ 72.________ 73.________ 74.________ 75.________76________ 77.________ 78.________ 79.________ 80.________.书面表达。15 分澳大利亚学生 Sam 最近又来到了北京。他去了王府井,发现这里发生了巨大的变化。请你以 Sam 的身份给父母寄一张明信片,用以下单词、短语介绍王府井发生的变化。1happy,visit,again2change ,take place3go,Wangfujing Street,morning,building,shop,market4flower,put,succeed ,the Olympics______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Mr.Larry KingBb Bridge RoadRichmondVIC 3132AustraliaTest for Unit 10.听句子,选择与其意思相符的图片。1I was in New York last summer holiday.2I was busy with my homework during the class party yesterday.3My father will be back in two days on June 8th.4Ive had the school bag since I was a student.5I have tried my new car.Its really comfortable..听句子,选择最佳答语。6What other things do you want to sell7Why not give old clothes away to poor children8I have some things for these kids.9How often do you visit your hometown10Is the science museum new or old.听长对话,选择正确答案。听第一段对话,回答第 1112 小题。WHey,Tom.MHey ,Ketty.Why are you here Is there anything wrongWI had a toothache last night ,so I come here to see the dentist.Dont you work in the supermarketMI work here now.Let me show you the dentist first.听第二段对话,回答第 1315 小题。MYou look unhappy,Lisa.Whats wrongWNothing.I just feel a little lonely.I dont have any friends here.MHow long have you been hereW2 months.I think it is very hard for me to get used to the life in the new school.MWell,Ive been here for 5 months.WReally You are like an old friend of everyones in the class.MWell,we must learn to say hi to others first.Im going to the English club and chat with others.Would you like to go with meWSure..听短文,选择正确答案。Heres a collection of my old things.Ive had them for 8 years.This bag has a superman on it.Its my favorite.My grandmother gave it to me as a present when I started primary school on September 6th,2007.This pencilbox was a present from my aunt.It is a blue one with a little monkey on it.This book is a little bit broken.Its about an interesting story.I got the book from my primary school teacher.She gave it to me as a prize when I won the first prize in a speech competition.It always reminds me of the exciting moment.Test for Unit 10.15 BACCA.610 BACAC.1115 CAABA.1620 ABBCB.2125 BCACD 2630 DCDDB 3135 DBCAC.3640 DBADC 4145 ABCDC.4650 FFTTT 5155 CBACB.5660 CDEAB.A61.sweet 62.memories 63.check 64.regard 65.amongB66.for 67.since 68.for 69.since 70.since.71.taken 72.poor 73.Only 74.lived 75.new 76.watch 77.living 78.saved 79.receive 80.happy.One possible version Dear Mom and Dad,Im very happy to visit Beijing again.Great changes have taken place in Beijing.Today I went to Wangfujing Street early in the morning and I had a good time.Now,there are a lot of new buildings,modern shops and large markets on it.Many beautiful flowers are put on the street.People in Beijing work hard and they have succeeded in hosting the 29th Olympic Games.I hope Beijing will be more beautiful in the future.Yours,Sam