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新目标九 Unit1 试题 一. 单项选择 (共 10 小题,计 10 分) 1. If you read the article for second time, you will have better understanding of it.A. a; the B. /; the C. a; a D. /; a 2. How nice the fish tastes Could you tell me who taught you to cook it To be honest, I learnt it watching TV. I learn to cook many dishes TV.A. by; in B. by; on C. in; on D. in; in 3. Whats the of the car at present Its about 70 kilometers an hour.A. place B. speed C. price D. mark 4. Why do you like Mrs. Lee Because she is very . She is never tired of explaining something to us again and again.A. active B. beautiful C. unusual D. patient 5. Sorry, but I didnt quite catch what you said. Would you please your e-mail address OK. Its .A. repeat B. return C. recycle D. review 6. When you come across new words in reading, it is not a good idea to in a dictionary at once. A. make up them B. look up them C. make them up D. look them up 7. What did Tina say Sorry, I didnt what she said.A. pay attention to B. get on with C. hold on to D. look forward to 8. I havent got a partner . Maybe you can ask John for help.A. work with B. to work C. working with D. to work with 9. Physics much easier for me since Mrs. Yang began to teach us.A. have been B. has been C. was D. were 10. I wonder if I can learn English well. . All things are difficult before they are easy. A. I am afraid so B. Youre slow C. It takes time D. Its a piece of cake二. 完形填空 共 10 小题,计 10 分Now more than 40 million 百万 foreigners around the world are learning Chinese, according to a report. The relationship 关系 between the United States and China is becoming 11 . It has really 12 the growth of Chinese language learning in the US.I am Chris from the US. I am one of the many people learning 13 . I am studying at a Confucius institute 孔子学院 in New York. There are 10 14 in our class. Some are over 30 years old. Some are middle school students. Our Chinese teacher 15 Beijing. He often tells us some interesting things in China.I think Chinese is 16 to learn. The biggest challenge for American learners is the writing. Chinese is 17 different from any other language in the world. It will 18 me a lot of time to learn enough Chinese characters 汉字. But I think there are many advantages of spending time 19 the language. One big advantage is that it makes me see things from a different point of view, 20 Chinese is such a different language from English. I think for American students the most important advantage is that learning a different language can open up their mind. 11. A. worse B. poorerC. friendlier D. politer 12. A. stopped B. practicedC. started D. influenced 13. A. English B. ChineseC. French D. Japanese 14. A. students B. workersC. teachers D. volunteers 15. A. comes to B. leaves forC. goes around D. comes from 16. A. easy B. surprisedC. difficult D. boring 17. A. slowly B. quicklyC. easily D. completely 18. A. get B. takeC. spend D. waste 19. A. on B. inC. at D. with 20. A. if B. becauseC. while D. when三. 阅读理解 (共 15 小题,计 20 分)第一节阅读下面一篇短文,判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,符合的用“A”表示,不符合的用“B” 表示。 (共 5 小题,计 5 分)AUS First Lady Michelle Obama, along with her mother and two daughters made their first trip to China from March 20 to March 26. They went to Beijing, Xian and Chengdu.In a speech at Peking University, Mrs Obama encouraged students to study abroad. “Its not enough to get good grades in school,” she said in the speech. “It is better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books. The experiences in other countries help make our life successful. By learning each others languages and by showing such curiosity 好奇 and respect 尊重 for each others cultures, you are building bridges of understanding and bonds of friendship,” she said. The US is the top destination 目的地 for Chinese students. More than 200,000 Chinese students are now studying in the US. In 2009, US President Barack Obama announced 宣布 his goal of sending 100,000 students to China. Since then, more than 68,000 US students have come to China. Whats more, many kids in the US are now studying Chinese. “Learning Chinese is a cool thing in school. It is good for our future,” said Mason Grabowski, 14, a student from Chicago. “It is a hard language, but it is never too early to start learning it.” 21. In March, five members of the Obama family visited China. 22. In her speech at Peking University, Michelle Obama encouraged students to study in other countries. 23. Over 200,000 US students have studied in China since 2009. 24. Michelle Obama visited four cities in China. 25. The US is the most popular destination for Chinese students.第二节 阅读下面三篇短文,从各小题所给的四个选项中选出能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的一个最佳答案。 (共 10 小题,计 15 分)BAre you learning English and do you need help with grammar Do you want to learn new vocabulary or slang 俚语 Well, you can find help online with these top 5 free English as a Second Language websites.1. Daves ESL CafeThis is a complete website that can help you learn and practice English. You can read many stories and do a lot of rcises to test yourself. You can also post questions and answers onto the help center.2. A You can get free English courses from A and youll get regular e-mails that will help you learn English. 3. The Classroom by Voice of AmericaYou can watch videos and listen to news stories to improve your listening and vocabulary skills. You can also hear English words and their meanings.4. Heinles Newbury House Dictionary of American EnglishDo you need to find the definition of a word Use this online dictionary to find simple and clear definitions, as well as example sentences and idioms 习语. You can also find different cultural facts.5. Personal English Portal 门户网站 on YouTubeYou can watch this series of videos on YouTube to develop your listening skills. You can also do a search for “learn English” on YouTube to find other videos. This is a good way to practice English and have fun. 26. You can at the help center on the website Daves ESL Cafe.A. watch videos and pictures B. listen to news and music C. watch movies and matchesD. read questions and answers 27. A often sends e-mails to its visitors to help them .A. get relaxed B. have fun C. become famous D. learn English 28. From Heinles Newbury House Dictionary of American English, you can find .A. cultural inationB. online librariesC. interesting newsD. many storybooksCAre you learning a foreign language Do you know what a successful language learner should doFirst of all, successful language learners are independent learners. They do not depend on books or teachers. They discover their own ways to learn the language. Instead of waiting for the teacher to explain, they try to find s and rules for themselves. They also look for clues 线索 and get their own ideas by guessing. When they guess wrong, they try again. They try to learn from their mistakes.Successful language learning is active learning, so successful learners do not wait for a chance to use the language. They look for such a chance. They find native speakers and ask them for help when they make mistakes. They will try everything to communicate. They are not afraid to repeat 重复 what they hear or to say strange things. When the communication is difficult, they can get ination that is inexact or incomplete by guessing. It is more important for them to learn to think than to know the meaning of every word.Finally, successful language learners are learners with a purpose 目的. They want to learn the language because they are interested in it and native speakers lives. It is necessary for them to learn the language in order to communicate with foreigners and learn about their lives, their culture and so on. 29. As an independent language learner, you should ______.A. depend on your textbooksB. always ask teachers for helpC. find your own way to learnD. learn in pairs or groups 30. Which of the following is NOT true about active learningA. Trying everything to communicate.B. Waiting for chances to use the language.C. Not being afraid to make mistakes.D. Not being afraid to repeat what you hear. 31. The passage mainly tells us how to ______.A. communicate successfullyB. study in groupsC. learn from our mistakesD. be a successful language learner DHave you ever heard of tandem The word itself means a bicycle built with saddles 车座 for two riders sitting one behind the other. However, when we learn a foreign language, we can find a native speaker who wishes to learn our languages. So we both get a chance to practice. This is the tandem exchange 交流.For example, Im a native English speaker but I want to learn Spanish. So I go to a tandem meeting. There I can find a native Spanish speaker who wants to improve his or her English. Then we become “tandem” partners. I speak English with my Spanish tandem partner for about an hour and help him or her with some English problems. After that, we speak Spanish for an hour, too. The idea of this language exchange is great because we can learn something about a language that we may not learn in class. This is the main reason why we can choose the tandem exchange as a way to learn a new language.In the tandem exchange, we can also read passages with our partner. This way we can not only practice our pronunciation but also understand the meaning of difficult words in other languages. We can then have conversations about the passages in order to practice our speaking and listening.So I advise you to participate in the tandem exchange. If theres no foreigner around you, online tandem exchange is also a good choice. Join in the tandem exchange and enjoy the opportunity of learning new languages and understanding the cultures of other countries 32. Which of the following is a tandem bicycleA. B. C. D. 33. What is the main reason for choosing the tandem exchangeA. We can make more friends. B. We can learn something about a language that we may not learn in class.C. We can improve our pronunciation. D. We can learn Spanish in the tandem exchange. 34. Which language skill is NOT practiced in the tandem exchange according to the passageA. Speaking. B. Writing.C. Reading. D. Listening. 35. The underlined phrase “participate in” means “ ”.A. take in B. make up C. take part in D. give up四. 完成句子 (共 5 小题,计 10 分)根据汉语意思,用单词或短语完成句子。36. 这两个国家有很多相同点。The two countries have a lot .37. 学习语言的时候,你不能害怕犯错误。When learning a language, you cant make mistakes.38. 大声朗读有助于你培养语感。can help you to develop a sense of language.39. 我第一次到成都,就喜欢上了这个城市。I with Chengdu when I came to the city for the first time.40. 你读得快慢主要取决于你的词汇量和阅读习惯。Whether or not you read fast mainly your vocabulary and reading habits.五. 短文填空 共 10 小题,计 10 分用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使短文完整正确每个单词限用一次 。 on, nice, advantage, way, but,fast, agree, cost, one, learnElectronic 电子的 books, or e-books, have changed the way many of us read. Now electronic textbooks are changing the way many students 41 . Many schools in Washington have begun using online course materials 材料. Rather than use a regular textbook, its all online. “Our students are ready to use resources 资源 in different 42 ,” said the head teacher, Peter Norman. He talked about the 43 of electronic textbooks to a reporter, “The world is changing 44 . Online textbooks can change right along with the things that are happening. Besides, electronic textbooks 45 less than regular textbooks. Every term our students need to pay about 150 for regular textbooks, but now they only need to spend about 100 46 electronic textbooks.” Students have different ideas about the change, 47 most like it.“I dont have to carry a textbook around, so that is 48 ,” said a high school student named Melanie Reuter.Maria doesnt 49 . She said, “I dont like it because the Internet sometimes doesnt work.”Some students dont have a computer or cant go online at home. Stephen is 50 of them. But he said, “I can go to the library or a friends house to surf the Internet.”六. 任务型阅读 (共 5 小题,计 10 分)阅读下面短文,根据短文内容完成下列各题。In the past, many students practiced English with their pen friends they sent letters to people all around the world. However, we now send emails to others and chat with people who live quite far away on the Internet.Heres some advice on how to succeed in your online language exchanges How to start a conversation when speaking English onlineWhen you speak to somebody online, start by asking “Yes or No” questions. Use questions such as “Do you like ” or “Can you ” or “Have you ever ”Remember your goal. You are trying to learn about the other person. Think about things you enjoy and try to find some common ground between you. And share your own experiences to show that you have similar interests. If you only ask questions, you will sound like a policeman or a policewoman How to keep a conversation going“Listen” carefully. In that way, you can get to know somebody well. When you know him or her well, you will have more to talk about.Then ask follow-up questions. After you “listen”, use what you “hear” to learn more about that person. Use “open ended” questions, such as “What do you think of ” or “What was the most interesting experience .” Remember some basic rules for online language exchanges.Be patient. Do not try to find a good friend right away. Be careful. Dont give any personal ination on the Internet, especially your address, telephone number, and even your real name.51. How did many students practice English with their pen friends in the past By .52. How should you start a conversation when speaking English onlineBy asking .53. Can you share your own experiences online with other people.54. What does the writer think of giving personal ination online Its .55. What is the passage mainly aboutIt is mainly about advice on .七. 补全对话 共 10 小题,计 10 分 A 根据对话内容,将方框内符合对话情景的句子抄写在对话空白处,使对话恢复完整。选项中有两项是多余的。A Ive been learning English for a long time, but I still cant speak English well. 56 B Take your time, Li Ming. Anyway, Rome wasnt built in a day. In fact, you only need to practice before you can speak it well.A 57 B Thats natural. 58 Let me take something for example. You know, when people first learn to drive a